Biet Simkin

Biet is a unique meditation teacher with a rock & roll sen­ sibility. What makes her story so compelling is the amount of adversity she has overcome. Losing most of her family as a young child, tragedy turned into music. She signed to Sony Records at 18. Shortly thereafter she had a near­ death experience, lost her infant daughter Ula to S.I.D.S, her house burnt down, where she continued to live doing drugs, then her best friend and her ‘awakened teacher’’ died. After years of addiction Biet, got sober. Her expe­ riences led her to create Center of the Cyclone, a special meditation experience, that she guides globally, scored to her music. Her work is just as warm and intimate with a small group in a living room, as it is with thou­ sands of people on stage. She has been called the “David Bowie of Meditation” and written up in FORBES, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, TIME & The New York Times. She just released her first book with Simon&Schuster Don’t Just Sit There:44 Insights to Get Your Meditation Practice Off the Cushion and Into The Real World 


On Shame in issue 02 – Chakra 02 

When we hide things about ourselves, what we are really saying is: “World, I know you are a bad and scary place, and I am unwilling to show you who I really am – because if I do, you will either kill me, shun me or cast me out.” Perhaps while this type of reasoning was useful when we were cavemen, its not quite as useful today.