Lisa Weinert


Narrative Healing is a mindbody approach to storytelling.

I’m currently offering writing sessions called Narrative Healing Labs, These 45 minute sessions are designed to support your personal writing practice, and provide space, community and conditions to create.  In these forty-five minute sessions, I will offer a brief meditation and yoga-for-writers sequence to set up the body to write, then I will offer a writing prompt, and give you time to write.

For anyone looking for a more immersive experience, I’m offering Literary Mastermind groups – still accepting applicants for spring and summer.  Literary Mastermind Groups are designed to guide like-minded writers through the stages of developing a book idea, finding the right publishing path and launching work into the world with the fellowship of like minded writers (and readers). I have a partial scholarship available if you would like to offer to HS readers (50% off)


What does a human shift mean to you? 

Our capacity to change our perspective and attitude by the actions we take; our capacity to awaken and renew; our capacity to connect.