Marquita, Author and creator of How I Grew Today, spent the early part of her career working in the enter­ tainment industry. In 2011 she stepped away to do some soul searching and answered her true calling as a writer. Living by her motto, “Growth is a conscious and perpetu­ al process”, Marquita aims to make connection to higher consciousness cool and easy to implement in every­day life. A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Marquita cur­ rently resides in New York.


What does a Human shift mean to you?

Shifting into a life that promotes the breaking down of everything that causes resistance from realizing that we are already whole. We need not look outside of ourselves and in others for what we already have inside of us. Expanding and contracting. Learning and remembering who we are. This is a time of real self-reflection and clearing for myself, of releasing old patterns that are finally, really,  ready to go—doing the things that ensure that I am shifting as a human on an individual level. What has grown from my self-care, my “clearing” and reflecting, is that I’am able to help my friends and friends of friends, on the ground level. Whether ‘through email,  text, or phone calls, In between finishing up my book, I have been fielding from the individual front lines if you will, seeing the pain, hearing the discomfort of isolation and helping to emotionally, spiritually triage,(Triage may not be the right word, but it feels right)  right there, in real-time. This is where I’m most useful at this time.