Lindsay Ashmun

I spent my childhood running around on farms in Virginia but grew up as an adult in the wilds of New York City. I respect and question traditions. All my greatest teachers were pioneers in the field of somatics, and I carry that lineage with great honor. I was a teenage yogi in the mosh pit with tinnitus on the weekends. I miss the 90s. I feel very fortunate to be alive. I use my body to relate and communicate. I believe in people.

In my professional life, I am a master Yoga and Pilates Teacher, Advanced level XPT Coach, under the guidance of Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reese, and professional dancer. I founded two practices designed to help potentiate the greatness in humans: GROUNDCONTROL (TM) and BreatheMoveRecover (heat and ice exposures and breathwork) in Brooklyn and throughout Manhattan.


IG: @groundcontrolnyc @breathe.move.recover