I am a meditation teacher, Sekhem energy worker, singer, sound healer and breath work facilitator, (oh yeah and I cook dope Indian food also lol). I have a podcast Find the Others with my friend Tony Leroy, an intuitive counsellor (basically he’s psychic and he sees dead people). We interview people interested in topics related to all aspects of spirituality. I was fortunate to be raised by my most influential teachers, my parents. Active in the Sikh Temple and community, I learnt as a child to sing and perform Kirtan (Indian hymns) onstage, and later built on this foundation for performing as a singer-songwriter. I now use these same prayers as part of my sound healing modality. I love what I do – helping people realize their own power.


What is a human shift to you?

A major human shift is occurring on a mass scale right now. Just like the premise of the magazine encourages people to look at themselves, their emotions, how to look at their energy centers and balance their bodies, people are being asked to look at themselves in a way they didn’t have the time nor space before. Now we are finding the space to analyze ourselves,  if we step outside of what is going on- just like the observer when in meditation. There will be more space and moments of reflection for many during this time. We are being asked “Who am I?” on a much deeper level. What is the way that I react when faced with fear? People are ushered into looking at themselves now with no choice. They are facing the truth of whom they are and the way they feel. Of course in any situation which seems unkind and unfair there is always a reason for it so yes, we are being coaxed towards the light after facing our shadow. This is our human shift right now. I feel we will come out of this with more compassion, more love and more appreciation for Mother Nature and our everyday activities and freedom that we take for granted. I feel this shift is encouraging us to be something bigger and better than the “hamster wheel” that we might have become accustomed too. This is a time to heal and reflect and embrace change and most importantly – to vibrate higher. To be influenced and led by the hand in an upward direction and for our souls to be open and welcome that change knowing that all of this is for our ascension and greater good. 

I created this session for whomever needs some healing energy and sunlight right now. Made with binaural beats embedded with sacred prayers and healing energy. I recommend listening to it for 30 days as a healing session. It will make you feel beautiful and warm inside. 


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