Natalie Kuhn

Natalie Kuhn holds a BFA in performance from NYU with years of multi-disciplinary movement training in- cluding Suzuki, Viewpoints, Grotowski and Committed Impulse. She serves as a Founding Teacher and the VP of Programming for The Class by Taryn Toomey. She’s a poet, an Aries, and a life enthusiast


On Fear in issue 01 – Chakra 1 

The way I see it, there’s two types of fear: external forc- es acting upon you in a way you can’t control and then there’s the fear that is internalized and more psycholog- ical. My privilege as a white woman in America is that I more or less have agency – I’m not fearful that I’ll be searched or worse by the police for no reason or that I won’t be able to feed my family this month. Thankfully, most of my fears are internal and the work of The Class is about mastering those psychological blockages. For me personally, that type of fear is that frontier between what is actually happening and what may happen. I find my- self in a state of fear when I am creating a story about the way something will or will not play out, what “they” might say or how they will react. When I am in that place I ask myself “what part of this is fiction” and “what is in my control?”


IG: @thisisnatalie  @theclassbytt

Photography by Jake Jones