Ro Malabanan AKA “Ro The Show”

Professional boxing and Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt coach, Ro has developed a unique combat-sport and training methodology focusing on mind-body-spirit connection, working with clients at the most OG NYC training club, Mendez Boxing Gym. When not sparring, you can hear him expound on his philosophies on “Ratchet Dojo Radio”, a mixed martial arts podcast dedicated to current events and the beauty of being a mixed martial artist.


A human shift is going from a conversation about one’s self to a conversation about others. It’s a shift in perspective by placing our focus on other people and learning to go from ‘me’, which is constantly trying to feed our own ego to, ‘we.’ A ‘we’ conversation allows us to see the bigger picture, which allows others around us to flourish. When we focus on other people’s success, everyone succeeds. To me this is a Human Shift.