Will Siu, MD, DPhil

Will Siu, completed medical and graduate school at UCLA and Oxford University, before training as a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School. While completing his residency Will, became interested in psychedelics as healing tools. He researched, and trained, and now has a private practice in NYC, where he provides ketamine-facilitated psychotherapy.


Will: My full name is Willie Omar Siu, and I live in Brooklyn. I am of Chinese/Nicaraguan descent, my parents emigrated from Central America and raised me Jehovah’s Witness. My life path included detours in atheism, obesity, bouts of depression/suicidality, and degrees/faculty positions at prestigious universities, before finding my true path to happiness lay in the journey into the deepest crevasses of my soul and spirit.


On Power in issue 03 – Chakra 03

Power is the ability to fully surrender to each moment and to respond from a place of clarity, and authenticity. On my healing journey, this has meant moving through expectations of family, religion, masculinity, and to give myself permission to feel, and express the full breadth of human emotions. In The Odyssey, Odysseus battles fear- lessly throughout the Trojan War, yet helplessly drowns in tears, when he embraces his son at the end of his jour- ney back to Ithaca. This is power. The human healing experience centers around losing our power, and then re- discovering that we alone have held it all along. When we intimately embrace the total agency we have over our lives, the possibilities are endless.


IG: @will.siu.md