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The Heart Center: Portal to Love, Compassion and a Sense of True Self

Words by Gurucharan Singh Khalsa

The power of our heart center lets us shift to being fully human and holds the truth of our authentic selves. The heart gives us the ferociously gentle courage to act, and to be the agent with the choice to connect to self. We hold the power to shift our Human frequency and awarenessOur heart is the key to balancing the other chakras, andthe worlds of experience that our path takes us through. At its core, our human essence is simple, practical, direct and whole, held in balance by the functions of the heart. An individual human shift is the capacity to pivot from one state of awareness, energy, and self to another, freeing our innate drive for elevation. It speaks to the unique human capacity to imagine and engage the infinite. We can manifest and explore what we cannot see. We can reveal what is hidden in plain sight. A human shift is a witness to our constant Becoming.