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Julie Piatt and Rich Roll

in conversation with Jeff Krasno


Photography by Magdalena Wosinska

Styling by Ashley Abercrombie

Rich Roll and Julia Piatt are widely known and celebrated for their individual accomplishments. Rich is a podcast host, triathlete, speaker and writer. Julie is a musician, artist, chef, entrepreneur and author. In this conversation, we excavate what they have accomplished together across more than two decades in relationship. We discuss how they have navigated the inevitable triumphs and failures of life and how they have enabled each other’s successes.


Jeff: Perhaps you could scaffold our conversation by describing the circumstances of how you met?

Rich: Julie and I first met in a yoga class back in 1999. I wasn’t that long out of an extended stint in a drug and alcohol treatment center. I had been getting sober and rooting myself in spiritual principles for the first time. When I returned to Los Angeles, I started asking myself questions that I never had before, like “who do I want to be?” There was a lot of confusion in my mind, because I’d never wrestled with anything spiritual before. One thing I knew for certain was that I needed a new community of people and new friends.


I wanted to start reconnecting with my physical self and found myself gravitating towards yoga, and, particularly, this one class in Brentwood, Steve Ross’ class. It was a community of people who all seemed to be interested in improving themselves in various ways, and Julie was attending regularly. There was something about her. When I saw her, something clicked inside of me: I knew I was going to marry that girl. I was pulled towards her. There was definitely a magical past life knowing that we were destined for each other. It was profound in me.

Jeff: Julie, did you have the same mystical epiphany that Rich did?

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