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Words by Danielle Zinaich Strahl


Emotions and pain need to be felt, experienced, and embodied. The deep-acting remedies flow from these expressions. You must experience something to come out the other side. Journeys through discomfort are boosters of growth and lead to greater expansion of the self. Experiences are the bumps and valleys of your personal journey, your personal story. We modern humans seek constant buffers and numbing devices to suppress the power of our own emotions, whereas flowing with them is actually the key to their release.


When the second chakra is not in tune, physical problems begin to manifest in our sacral region. The bladder, ovaries/uterus/testes, lower back, and hips become affected; sexual dysfunctions develop; fears creep in and emotions close off. Listening to your gut, to your intuition, is letting your sacral chakra ping you directly.


We must listen to our symptoms of imbalance and experience them as they come up. A homeopath can help read these characteristics and match them with a substance in nature to help break through the patterns and stagnant energies. Every existing thing, animate and inanimate, has an energy that can be directed.


As a homeopath, I am an unprejudiced observer. I sit and listen to my clients express their pains and their frustrations. I hear and watch their feelings in order to find the correct remedy substance from Mother Nature, whether plant, mineral, animal, or nosode. The remedy is then put through a process of dilution, succussion (shaking), and trituration (purification). The imprint or the energy of the initial substance is the medicine. When substance and expressed experience are correctly matched, there is a resonance within our emotions, like a key unlocking our stuck feelings.


“Selective numbing of emotions doesn’t actually work. Turning off your negative emotions will also halt the flow of good emotions”


The natural medicine begins its work by slowly peeling off the topmost, superficial layers where the most prevalent issues reside, like an onion shedding its inedible peel. As the substance works to peel away each subsequent layer, we get closer and closer to the root of the person. As the medicine delves deeper, stored or forgotten traumas are brought back up to the surface. Suppressed emotions are stored on a cellular level until triggered. Often our immediate reaction is to detach or disassociate; however, selective numbing doesn’t actually work. Turning off your negative emotions will also halt the flow of good emotions.


A period of discomfort inevitably follows, hopefully short-lived, and it too needs to be followed through until a sense of lightness reappears. In this period, I tell my clients to do things that they love in order to connect the mind, the senses, and the body: yoga, meditation, hiking, cooking, reading books, or moving to a great beat.


Our bodies have an innate ability to heal. Homeopathy is just a stimulus to signal our immune systems and hearts to open, to allow ourselves to expand, and to feel the emotions flowing.


Danielle Zinaich Strahl is a Homeopath in the New York City area also offering distance sessions. She is a model with TheLions, an agency shifting the health of the fashion industry. A mother, wife, and lover of the natural world, she resonates with yoga, organic food, hiking, & energy medicine.