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Words by Kevin Courtney

Certain things we come into the world with, and certain things we don’t.

For all that doesn’t come naturally, we need a method to help get us there.

Enter Tantra.

Tantra means to expand, and to move beyond all limitations. It also translates as “to weave.” The weaving in this case relates to bringing together the disparate parts of ourselves and shoring up the aspects of our consciousness that we experience or believe to be fractured. Tantra is a philosophy rooted in the idea that the Sacred is inherent in all existence. It is also a collection of methodologies used to refine our perception, so that we can see, sense, and feel the Sacred in all things. Tantra is the paint, the paintbrush, and the painting all at once. For the reader who hears the word Tantra and only thinks about either tantric sex or Sting’s mythical staying power, I’m happy we’ve