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Words by Mia Ganda

Intimacy is a hot topic. It fascinates and also causes unease. Intimacy is a tender, at times elusive space that needs to be surrendered to gently, akin to lowering oneself inch by inch into a bubble bath that is just a little too hot. However, once our body is fully immersed, once we are completely engulfed in an intimate moment, we can appreciate it’s warm, loving, soft and all-encompassing embrace. In relationships our heart opens to the unique presence of the other person and allows us to experience expansion, peace and belonging.


This wouldn’t be a proper article on intimacy in the absence of intimate, revelatory writing. What better way to depict intimacy, then being intimate with you, the reader, by sharing an uncomfortable truth about myself. But let’s not be overhasty and instead first explore what intimacy actually means and how we can invite it in.