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Awaken the Power of Communication

Words by Kevin Courtney 

Communication starts with listening. Not with the ears, but with a more subtle sense perception. One that signals us to reverse the polarity of our attention from its habitual direction outward and draw it in.  As our listening turns inward, it brings our awareness towards the essence of what shapes us. We encounter who we are, as we are. This single courageous act of listening carries with it a catalytic power to wake us up to what is. We gain insight into our deep feelings, thoughts, and the core beliefs that drive our view of the world within and around us. In essence, we gain self-knowledge.


The yoga tradition teaches that this knowledge is the driving force that fuels the inspiration and clarity in our speech, creativity, and self-expression. And just like that, we enter the dynamic terrain of the Vishuddha chakra— the energy center that governs and powers communication.