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Words by Rachelle Robinett


Photos by Gustav Almeståhl

Set design Andreas Frienholt

Herbalism, the practice of connecting people with health via plants and nature, is a special type of work well-suited to facilitating communication. In my experience, herbalism supports communication within the body, communication between body and mind, communication from person to planet; and communication with the nonmaterial world. Herbs are especially effective when used to clear channels for improved relationships throughout the body. 


Herbs, along with nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, can be relied on to improve the circulation of energy, vital substances, such as blood, oxygen, nutrients, and information. Herbs can even promote the generation of entirely new connections within and between us, for example, via the tremendous effects of entheogens. Entheogens are psychedelic substances that work in powerful ways and often produce profound experiences that make revelation a direct encounter. Most commonly, the term “herb” refers to functional botanicals, but it can also be used to define mineral, animal, and other functional substances found in nature. The medicine of the global system of traditional healthcare, known as herbalism, can be found in nearly anything that we ingest. To me, it is the effect of anything that we consume through our senses in order to improve the wellbeing of the human organism. Even ideas have healing potential.

Lion’s Mane