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Sierra Quitiquit in conversation with Elizabeth Flint

Photography by Jake Jones

Professional skier, model, environmental activist, and independent filmmaker Sierra Quitiquit is a force of nature: powerful, beautiful, intelligent, and honest. She started skiing at the age of two and has been in love with the snow ever since. Skiing helped her find herself at a young age, heal from trauma in her teens, create a professional career in her twenties, and launch a crusade for the earth. She owes a lot to the snow, and thus has given the best of herself to it.

Sierra Quitiquit is very familiar with the power of the chakra system. A complex network of energy centers, the chakras weave through the body, mind, and spirit, impacting everything from our relationships to the way we see the world and how we choose to interact with our environment. Svadhisthana Chakra, the second chakra, is the seat of creative energy and passion. The second chakra calls us to work with pleasure and pain and come into relationship with our shadow side. It is referred to as the home of the true self, but it is also called “her own abode.” Sierra is definitely seated in “her own abode. Whether she is dropping out of a helicopter to ski the slopes of Iceland for legendary filmmaker Warren Miller, or creating her own film on climate change in the desert of Morocco, she is living her truth and inspiring a generation not just to try and be famous for fame’s sake, but to be an inspiration and have a positive lasting impact on the world. She and I recently had a chance to chat about everything from environmentalism to embodying her feminine side.

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