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Words by Bess Matassa 

Whether we’re mixing up a mean marinara for mealtime, or birthing a full-length book babe destined straight for the bestseller list, as long as we’re alive on the planet, we’re bringing bits into being at every moment. Even if it’s just the baby bit-by-bit of your own breath.


Take a moment to just let that settle in and sparkle up. What currents are coursing through you right now? What wants you to meet and greet it and make something of it right now? In Now Age circles we often hear about creative channeling and it can sound like super sexy silken surrender. A chance to both back out of the control room, taking a honeymoon from our hard-nosed hustle; and to step into sorceress-style specialness with all the sequins of our singular self shining. Making something glorious and letting the making feel like nothing at all. But the nitty gritty of channeling here on the ground can often feel elusive and paradoxical. If I open up and let go to let through, will I be obliterated completely—a powerless speck who whips and wilds according to the weather with no creative volition of my own sweet own? And if I stay firmly centered in the seat of my selfhood, designing my destiny, will I ever really know what’s it like to find footless faith in what wants to come through, drinking piña coladas and getting caught in the rain while life lifts me?