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Elishama Jeshurun Beckford in conversation with Alison Beckner

Photography by Beau Grealy

Shama “the Superman” Beckford is a Jamaican pro surfer and skater. Tuned into the interconnectedness of all things, Shama believes that change starts with each individual and that it is only through seeing, that believing can transpire. From there, like the waves of the ocean, anything and everything can flow.


Alison Beckner: Svadhisthana, the second chakra, means “the dwelling place of the self.” This can also be interpreted as “sweetness” or “the sweet spot.” When do you feel that you are in your own place? What’s your sweet spot? When or where do you find your sweetness? Shama Beckford: My sweet spot is a sense of calmness while being in the ocean. Especially when you’re surfing alone or you have the chance to be with yourself and be in that environment and be able to soak up everything that’s around you, with no distractions. Just you and what you’re doing. You’re in the midst of something that’s so powerful, that consists of so much energy and so many moving parts. But at the same time, you can find a balance of calmness amidst a lot of movement. I guess my sweet spot is somewhere in there. Finding calmness amidst the noise and haste. Amidst the rough that exists around us.

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