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Spiritual Technologist and Breathwork Teacher

Lisa de Narvaez in conversation with Stina Daag

Photography by Clay Rasmussen

What does the word “creativity” mean to you?

Allowing our life force to move through us unhindered.



When do you feel the most creative?

When I slow down enough to be present and tune in.



What is your most treasured creation?

Every moment I connect to self and others and magic happens.



What in our society do you think dulls creativity?

Rushing, living in our heads, numbing our feelings, and chasing things outside of ourselves.



What is your tool to unblock stuck creativity?

Breathwork as a portal to presence.



How are breath and creation connected?

Our breath is our quickest access point to embodied presence.

Literally taking in life + taking in spirit = inspire = inspiration



How can one use breath to move and awaken blocked creativity?

Breathing deeply activates our life force in ways that move stuck energy

and connect us to the source of all creation.



Is there a simple breath practice everyone can do on a daily basis to help boost creativity?

Blisspoint breathwork!



Lisa De Narvaez is a spiritual technologist committed to the evolution of human consciousness.

She has facilitated the awakening and transformation of lives of thousands of humans from all walks of life

through her trailblazing methodologies combining breathwork, human design, source teachings and sound.


These images were taken during a Blisspoint Breathwork Journey under the guidance of Lisa de Narvaez

and Danielle Brooks at Sanctum in Los Angeles, one magical evening in January 2019.