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Words by Stina Daag

Our universe was created by a big bang, but some say it sounded more like a deep hum than an explosion. According to the Bible, sound was also the kickoff for God’s creative work. In the beginning, there was the word.

Sound is truly a force to be reckoned with, yet we seem to reduce sound to just the audible information we are able to take in through our ears. There are pleasant forms of audible sound, such as rain on a tin roof, the cooing of a happy baby or the tunes of our modern musical deities

There are also the destabilising, irritating or unwelcome sounds of construction work, the air conditioning at a hotel after an exhausting flight, or a person eating a bag of chips loudly beside me on the train (as I am writing this).

These elemental, superficial sounds have the power to change our moods, so why does it feel like the mainstream is still just scratching the surface of something that could be the holy grail of altered states, for both mind and body?

The ancient Egyptians knew how to use vowel sounds to activate energy centers in the body, and Gregorian and Tibetan monks have been utilizing the high-frequency sounds of overtones for eons. It has been scientifically proven that sound can move objects and that ultra-sonics (very high pitched sounds) can be used in diagnostic and therapeutic medicine.


There are myriad ways of connecting with and benefitting from healing frequencies. 


Here we present a selection of people who have dedicated their lives to making sound, vibrations, and mind altering music accessible to humankind. They guide us in the art of active listening, navigating mystical and magical connections through mantra, overtone, binaural beats, and vibroacoustics. Sometimes it’s as simple as putting down our phones, closing our eyes and really tuning into the subtle fields of vibration around us, wherever we happen to be: hearing birds singing, listening to an album from start to finish, without doing anything else, or touching a wall and feeling its vibration.


These visionary sound mavens awaken our consciousness, just like sound does. We think sound is where it’s at: the future of healing.