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Words by Dages Juvelier Keates

Where does this breath come from?


This wind that I catch here might know through my lungs. Where does this breath go to?

Listening and hearing the ends of the tendrils of the breath in and out.


You can take an easy seat or lie down and begin to make sound. You can make a very low sound, soft sound, or you can make a sound silently. There’s nothing that lives silently. But if you can make a loud sound, 

I would encourage you to experiment.


Bring your hand up to your sternum breastbone and just begin to get yourself a tap. Tap on the sternum with your fingertips, you can tap on either side of the sternum with two fingertips, you can pound on your chest with your fist, a nice light fist, you can pound all the way down through your shoulders, you can pound to your belly.