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Words by Kenya Baleech Alkebu

Quilting for me is fun. Sometimes sketches lead the way and other times intuition has its place. Both are but a part of the process. There are also the times upon times when the layout of a quilt is just what the doctor ordered, which is to say, a request will inspire the entire process of my quilt making. Other quilts have been inspired by what in nature moves me, and what moves my nature. Of course, the social justice movement, both its historical and the contemporary iterations, does call up my emotions. Who knows where ideas, inspiration, or that intuitive vision comes from? You reap what you sew. Quilting art is normal for me. Yes, even for me, and I’m a man. I am an artist and it matters not the medium nor surface I am awarded as a bond servant. I am hopeful that the quilt shows that I am paying attention, that no matter what conditions I find myself in, that I am giving the best of me. The quilts are my personal road less travelled. They afford me an opportunity to share myself with the civil community. I do admit the quilts are opening doors to my better days ahead and they allow me to give to the world the best of me unselfishly. I am grateful.