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Words by Polina Aronova-Cahn

Orgasms, whether achieved solo, coupled, or in a group, make us flush, radiate, and glow. No balms, serums, or elixirs compare to the real thing. Such joyfully stimulating activity gets the blood-flowing, or, in more technical terms: Blood-vessel dilation causes oxygen to flood your system,- which in turn equals a boost in collagen production. As many of us YouTube-tutorial-viewing, skin care-obsessed people know, collagen holds the mother lode of anti-aging properties. It’s a very, very good thing for the skin.


Orgasms also raise estrogen levels in your body. This is good because estrogen prevents the decrease of collagen, helping with skin thickness, which translates to wrinkle resistance. Estrogen also locks in moisture, keeping skin healthy-looking, rose-hued, plump, and, yes, glowy.


During sexual activity, and especially after orgasm, your body releases serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and prolactin, reducing the effects of the stress hormone, cortisol. Less cortisol means a deeper sense of relaxation and calm, and reduction of breakouts.


Post-climax, you’re relaxed and stress-free, so when possible it’s good to indulge the urge to roll over and catch some zzzs. The immune system and inflammation heals itself during deep, long stretches of sleep. But a late morning catnap does the look some good, too.


On an energetic level, orgasms are crucial for our internal and external radiance. As leading Tantra expert Psalm Isadora writes: “The state of orgasm is a state of very high energy—like electricity running from your genitals up your spine and across your whole nervous system. This is what gives you that glow. It comes from being charged energetically from the inside out with your sexual qi, which will make you vibrant and attractive and magnetize people and positive experiences to you.”


With regular orgasms, you’re less sleepy, you’re less stressed-out, and less in your head. You’re more connected and feeling in your body—more likely to be wearing a smile. Science supports the idea that frequent orgasms, make people happy. I’m not sure we needed science to prove that theory, but there you have it.