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Words by Christine Dimmick

I am on a journey to reclaim my superpower: my inner voice. It is a journey with many twists and turns and one I imagine will last the rest of my life. Just before COVID shut the world down, I found myself in a Reiki class, learning to heal and channel with my hands. My beloved mother had just died two weeks prior from COVID, unexpectedly and tragically. I was raw, supported and exactly where I needed to be. “What did you experience, Christine?” My Reiki teacher had just guided us through a grounding meditation, and I was excited to share. “When you asked us to connect to the Earth’s core, I went down through the floor, to the basement, to the Earth’s crust, the mantle and then the core. I saw all the colors, the mycelium, the worms, the moles and lava. My legs then grew from the center back up to the top, where the grasses and vines and trees intertwined keeping me rooted, with my head in the clouds.” “Do you always see things when you meditate?” “Well, sure,” I said, looking around the room, “Doesn’t everyone?”