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The Akashic Records


Rohini Moradi 

in conversation with Stina Daag

Stina: Can you tell us about your background and the path that has brought you to where you are today and why you have dedicated yourself to teachings of the Akashic records.


Rohini: I was raised in the only Hindu temple in Tehran, Iran, and my father was the pujari there. My day to day life was engulfed in the yogic practice, all its limbs not just the asanas. My parents raised us in accordance to the developmental stages of each chakra, molding us with its every stage through our upbringing, which was really cool. However, when we were forced to leave Iran and move to the US, it became really difficult for me in this new country, where people didn’t know how to categorise me: an Iranian, Hindu temple kid.


So, I started to mask myself and act more like the kids around me, to make them accept me. During this process, I temporarily lost the foundational pieces of myself by keeping them hidden, but, when you plant a seed very deep and you just keep pouring dirt over it, it just gets stronger until one day it bursts out. 


That time for me happened three years ago, when my family and I traveled to India in order for me to get in touch with my childhood again.