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Words by Meghan Wallace James

Barefoot, step outside your home and walk a few paces away. Ground into the earth. Close your eyes and breathe deeply to center. Now, open. Look towards your front door. Truly look. What catches your eye first? Are you able to access the metaphor? Is said metaphor apt for your current life experience?


Every home has a story. Clear as can be, spelled out across the facade. Stroll through your neighborhood as the sun starts to set; some porch lights turn on, while others do not. Some of those lights have a warm, welcoming quality. Others do not. Listen to the tales the houses tell:


I am loved and cared for, exchanging mutual nurture with my humans.

Newlyweds saved to buy me; I am proud.

Young children live here;

I feel like an overwhelmed afterthought.

I’ve built walls around my heart, for I’m terrified of being hurt again.

Does this look good? What will the neighbors say?

My folks are hoarders and I cannot breathe. Help!

Paint me please.


What is the song that your home sings? How does it make you feel when you hear it? Is it in alignment with your vision of self? In alignment with all that you are asking for? And if not, are you able to clearly identify the discord? We all inhabit various mythologies, which play out across a visual plane. Like it or not, we are open books, broadcasting our level of self worth and self acceptance to the world around us. Though we may carefully construct online personas, let’s get real: what do we crop out of the frame? What do we mask with a filter? What shames and disappoints us? What are we afraid to acknowledge? Where could we, in the spirit of Love, infuse graceful rhythm, beauty and order?


What! Must I hold a candle to my shames?

– Shakespeare


Manifestation is in the zeitgeist. We are all Calling It In! The career of our dreams. A divine romantic union. A new baby. A healthy body. A bank account for spontaneous travel. When you get what you want, will it be welcomed accordingly? Do you have the physical and emotional space for your conjured vision? Ask your home where its heart center lives. When you receive the answer, go and sit there. Again, breathe into your center. Focus on that which you crave most: your very primal craving. Speak your desire out loud to your home.

For Example: I want to meet my life partner.

Be radically honest with yourself: Am I ready to meet my life partner?

Why yes of course, you say! Where the heck are they? I’ve been waiting and searching and pining and yearning. I was supposed to be married a year ago and now it’s getting late in the game for children and my mother won’t leave me alone and… Stop it. Are you really ready?

Do your actions match your words?


Are there empty hangers in your closet?

Do you have an extra toothbrush?

Are you comfortable with your body?


The achievement of the hero is one that he is ready for.

– Joseph Campbell


Perhaps this shall crystallize the point: Your perfect partner is coming over to yours for dinner. Tonight. Oh my. Now you see. Let’s get specific, identifying any way, large or small, that we may not be perfectly ready. Stay honestly open-minded. Perhaps the prompts below shall seem trivial, yet these hold-ups equate to a long cosmic pause, while the Universe waits for you to get your act together; waits for you to emphatically believe you have your act together; waits for your outer world to reflect to your inner belief.

Shall we list? Pen to paper please. Muse and notate on all aspects that are not quite ready, as we plan this dreamy romantic evening.



Do you have fresh food in your refrigerator?

Do you cook?

What is your go-to recipe?

What will you wear?

How will you style yourself?

Do you have a signature scent?

When was the last time you cleaned your home?

Are there piles of clutter in your corners?

Are there piles of laundry on your floor?

Do you have any candles to light?

Is there a place for your guest to park?

Is your entrance welcoming?

Where will you sit and enjoy an aperitif?

Do you own the proper glassware?

Does your dining table seat two?

What music will you play?

So, conversation is rolling…

What do you talk about?

Are you up to date on world issues, on culture?

Are you proud to discuss your career?

Are you proud to share your upcoming plans?

Are you proud to share your family stories?

Are you able to calmly discuss past relationships?

Well, the evening is progressing marvelously!

Is your bedroom sensual and elegant?

Does it look like an adult sleeps here?

Are your sheets clean?

What’s on your bedside table?

Do you have matching bedside tables?

Are there empty hangers in your closet?

Do you have an extra toothbrush?

Are you comfortable with your body?


Hmmmm. Did this lead to an epiphany?

Were you able to identify any areas in which you could be more prepared? Energetically? Aesthetically?


This Thing of Darkness I Acknowledge Mine.

– Shakespeare


Here’s the empowering part: go get your shit together. Mantras and mood boards may be lovely, yet organized action is the cathartic way to take control of your destiny. Plus it feels good. Need some martini glasses? Go buy them. Mortified about your bathroom? Get down on all fours and scrub. Something deeper burdening you? Shine a light on it and find the support that you require to return to joyful wholeness. When we are whole, we are in our power. Our life begins to flow when we declare ourselves complete; when we are comfortable in our own skin; when we smile as we look in the mirror; when we sigh with ease upon entering our home; when we are truly ready for our next great adventure.


Meghan Wallace James partners with clients the world over to co-create the most kismet spaces and styles through her brand of Modern Feng Shui.