Lisa De Narvaez

Lisa: Hi! I’m Lisa. Born and bred in Colombia. English mum, Colombian papa. I’ve spent my life traveling and living in different countries around the world learning all about what it is to be a human being vs a human doing. I finally landed in Venice where the being side of life and the learning how to “be while doing” have taken the forefront and led me to my ultimate happy place.


On fear in issue 01 – Chakra 01 

I believe that conquering your fears is an old paradigm way of thinking. It brings forth the notion that we have to push/force ourselves through our evolutionary process. I prefer a more gentle, kind and courageous approach that can be just as impactful. Think about this: “Fear is excitement without breath.” The same mechanism in our body that has us experiencing something as fearful or ex- citing. When we learn to breathe into our fears, we are able to shift our perception and create space for expan- sion. This gives us access to choice. We either begin to feel excited about our new adventure and go for it or we tap into our wisdom and recognize it’s something we’re not ready to do or perhaps don’t even need to do. Who said it has to be hard? When we learn to consciously work with our breath, we can play our edge, expand and grow and have it be so much more fun while we’re at it.


IG: @blisspointco

Photography by Beau Grealy