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Words by Scott Schwenk

On the wings of a nectarean exhale that seems to expand into the infinite, we find ourselves in a smoky, purple realm suffused with a light which leaves no shadow, a refreshed lucidity beyond the golden sun experienced in Anahata chakra (heart chakra). We are in the realm of what in Sanskrit is called niranjana (stainless and pure), saturated with the cool, silvery clarity of the moon. 


Commonly referred to as the throat chakra, in the Vedic systems as Kantha (literally meaning throat), and in my own Tantrik tradition known as Vishuddha, meaning “pure.” Pure is the possibility of the important energy center. Through skillful yogic practice and altruistic living, we learn to abide and act more free from the fetters of ego-driven choices. In this way, the powers and capacities of the realm of Vishuddha progressively awaken and come online to support the inner journey towards its next unfolding.